50 Contoh Conditional Sentence Type 2 Formula dan Faktanya

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Ada 3 type conditional sentence, yang akan dijelaskan saat ini mengenai contoh conditional sentence type 2. Selain mengenal contoh-contohnya, kamu juga akan memahami formula serta fakta-faktanya.

Conditional Sentence Type 2 Formula

Conditional sentence type 2 merupakan kalimat untuk mengungkapkan sesuatu yang tidak mungkin terjadi. Secara sederhana, kalimat tersebut lebih dikenal dengan harapan atau berandai-andai.

Umumnya, kalimat-kalimatnya tidak realistis bahkan waktunya pun tidak jelas bisa saat ini atau kapan pun. Berikut ini contoh conditional sentence type 2 dan formulanya.

If Clause
Rumus Conditional Sentence type 2If + past simple (V2)past future (would/could/might+V1)
Contoh:If i had a million dollarsI would buy a sport car

Contoh conditional sentence type 2 “If i had a million dollars I would by a sport car”.

Contoh Conditional Sentence Type 2 dan Faktanya

Kalau melihat formula dan contoh conditional sentence type 2, kalimat-kalimat pengandaian tersebut seperti khayalan atau kondisi yang tidak terjadi.

1. Contoh Conditional Sentence Type 2 dan Faktanya

My father would buy a house if he had the money

Faktanya ayah tidak memiliki uang sehingga tidak bisa membeli rumah.

2. Contoh Conditional Sentence Type 2 dan Faktanya

If i felt better i would go to school today

Faktanya saya belum membaik sehingga tidak bisa pergi ke sekolah.

3. Contoh Conditional Sentence Type 2 dan Faktanya

If i lived on my own villa, i would run around naked all day

Faktanya saya tidak memiliki villa sehingga tidak bisa bertelanjang seharian.

Contoh Conditional Sentence Type 2 Examples

Berikut ini sejumlah contoh conditional sentence type 2 yang dapat kamu pelajari lebih lanjut.

  1. If the weather were nice, we would go on vacation
  2. If it were sunny, i would hang my clothes outside
  3. If i did not pass the entrance exam to the university, my parents would feel disappointed
  4. If i had a million dollars, i would buy a house
  5. If studied hard, i would get the best IELTS score
  6. I’d accompany you go to the cinema if you invited me
  7. If doraemon were here i would ask it to open the magic door so i could go some places
  8. If you were my special one i would give you anything
  9. If i were him, i would work hard to buy a house
  10. I would go on vacation if i had more money
  11. I wish i would holiday to South Korea
  12. If i prepared well for the job interview, i would work in the office
  13. If i had much money i would buy a Hermes bag
  14. If i found your home, i would send you a gift
  15. If it rained tomorrow, i would sleep all day
  16. If i had a car, i would go to anywhere
  17. If i much money, i would continue my study to university
  18. If i won the lottery i would buy Pajero Sport car
  19. If she were an artist, i would ask her a sign
  20. My father will go to Mecca if he has a lot of money
  21. If i did not come to the party i would see you again
  22. If i worked in Paragon Company i would work harder
  23. If I owned a company i would give big salary
  24. If i practiced i would win the archery competition
  25. If i inherited a billion dollars, i would travel around the world
  26. If i owned a supermarket i would eat anything
  27. If i had time i would study hard for test
  28. If she met Taehyung BTS, she would be very happy
  29. If the weather wasn’t so bad we would go to the zoo
  30. If i were you i would be a teacher
  31. They would spend their holiday in Switzerland if they had a lot of money
  32. If i were Jenny Blackpink i would be brand ambassador
  33. If the weather were terrible we wouldn’t go on vacation to the beach
  34. If the phone weren’t stolen i would call you everyday
  35. If it were rainy I would bring an umbrella
  36. If I were you i would sell a dress for money
  37. If i were superman i would help everyone
  38. I would be a grateful mother if i have a kids
  39. If i did not overslept in class i would answer the question from my teacher
  40. If i were the president of Indonesia, i would make a school for free
  41. If i study hard in high school i would take medical education
  42. If i did not see the doctor, my illness would be worse
  43. You would look amazing if you wear a dress
  44. If i were took a tutoring i would pass the TOEFL test
  45. The school would not empty if today were school day
  46. If i had a garden i would plant a rose
  47. I would do the laundry if you paid me
  48. If you went to bed earlier you wouldn’t late to school
  49. If you really loved me, you would marry me
  50. If i were a billionaire i would share a gift to everyone

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Dalam conditional sentence type 2 harus mengandung if clause diikuti verb 1 dan verb 2. Contoh conditional sentence type 2 if we had a boat i would around in river.

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